Dingli Cliffs hotel request withdrawn


Toc Hotels has withdrawn its request to plan a hotel at the site of the disused Pulvich explosives factory at Dingli Cliffs.

The Planning Authority (PA) had initially recommended approval of the application, and the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) had changed its initial objection to development to a more favorable one after a scaled-down version was been proposed.

The development was located outside the Malta Development Area and would have taken place in an Ecologically Significant Area and a Natura 2000 site in an area of ​​high landscape value.

More than 500 people opposed the plans, along with the Dingli local council and the Superintendency for Cultural Heritage. Instead, the Superintendent called for the site to be rehabilitated, while an internal Palestinian Authority advisory committee on agricultural issues opposed the development.

Dingli’s council insisted that once the factory is no longer needed, the land should be returned to nature and restored to its original state.

More recently, the Planning Council had indicated that it would reject the request. The applicants withdrew their candidacy before the final vote could take place.

“We will remain vigilant in order to oppose this request again if it is ever submitted again,” said the NGO Moviment Graffitti.

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