How to prepare your hotel website in 2022?


Your hotel website is the face and voice of your brand, and it’s where you keep all the details about your hotel and your offerings. Since this is the first thing everyone will see when they search for your hotel, it is necessary that you provide visitors with an interesting, educational, accessible and easy-to-use website that inspires them to move on. action.

Here is a list of 7 ways to help you get more direct bookings by beating your competition.

  • Post different content

One problem we notice with virtually all hotels is that they don’t differentiate between content assets that need to be put on their own channels, such as their website or mobile apps, and those that need to be published on travel agent websites.

Hotels are risking their chance to convert a customer to a direct booking by posting similar content, such as photos, writings and even videos, on multiple online platforms.

Did you know that around 52% of users check the official hotel website first before booking an OTA site?

This is an opportunity that hotels miss. When a potential tourist visits both the hotel website and an online travel agency website for the same hotel and finds the correct information in both places.

They are more likely to make reservations through the online travel agency. This is a loss for the hotels, because they will now have to pay a commission of 12 to 30% of the price of the reservation.

Therefore, to maximize the chances of getting more direct bookings, hotels should differentiate between the content published on their website and that of other third-party mediators.

  • Update to Google Search Experience

Every web page update should always take Google into account! Google’s algorithm change in 2022 increased the efficiency requirements of a business. Websites are a key factor in Google rankings because nowadays no one will wait if a site takes more than three seconds to load.

Some slow website issues include large image and video files, unnecessary coding, and lots of extensions. To analyze the website, try Google’s PageSpeed ​​toolkits. Finally, hire a web developer to improve the performance of your website.

The value of customer experience should not be underestimated by online marketers and website owners. Google’s algorithm suggests that website developers should prioritize factors such as page speed, engagement, safe browsing, and graphical reliability. If businesses like you don’t, their websites could soon disappear from the first page of Google.

  • Never underestimate the power of good content

Tourists come for adventures, to make memories, and to connect with people they otherwise would never have met. Share the story and inspiration behind your hotel and showcase the people behind your business.

You should focus mainly on the services offered by your hotel, and remember to capture nearby locals and tourist attractions to encourage travelers to book rooms with the hotel reservation system.

If you are successful in creating engaging content that showcases the adventures of your hotel and neighborhood, potential guests will be hooked to their phones and tempted to be part of your hotel’s journey. Such content is beneficial for your SEO and social media strategies as it offers insight to readers and increases brand loyalty.

You can earn Google’s support and trust if you regularly create quality content on your hotel website. Website homepage, About page and even blogs need to be authentic and SEO optimized to rank in Google searches. This will help your hotel website to attract tourists through an online hotel reservation system.

  • Must add high quality graphics and photos

Photos are a powerful strategy for your brand image, which will allow you to stand out from your competitors. With nearly a billion users using social media globally, it’s obvious that you need to use high-quality graphics and images to attract tourists.

The photos you show your customers should give an idea of ​​what they can enjoy while on vacation at your hotel. In this context, you must invest in quality photographs and use them to design your hotel website. Don’t forget to include exterior views, interior images, rooms, and other hotel features such as public areas and the foyer in your photos.

You can also showcase a variety of rich visuals for your visitors, such as 360 degree views of the hotel. This way, tourists can adjust their views and enjoy a quick virtual tour of the hotel.

Also, making videos is indeed a wonderful technique to highlight your hotel and the services it offers. Providing raw hotel images can also help build trust with your audience, while keeping visitors on your website for long durations.

These steps will ensure that your website visitors stay hooked and encourage them to make direct bookings.

  • Maintain the commitment

Getting a website and building a digital presence is worthless if no one commits to it.

Micro-interactions include spontaneous digital interactions that perform a specific function, such as interacting with the audience or entertaining the visitor. These are minor, unnoticed encounters that happen online that have the ability to enhance the experience and give your business personality.

Micro-interactions on the hotel website can vary from light features such as icons on blogs to a drop-down bar panel, call-to-action links that change color when you hold it, or images that change as you browse.

These are small interactions that allow the visitor to access the hotel website and become part of the overall experience. This kind of hands-on involvement enhances user engagement by engaging guests in a friendly, interactive environment. This will lead them to take advantage of the booking engine part of the hotel website to book their trip.

  • Do not forget the referencing which is searchable by voice

Content plays a huge role in influencing your hotel’s website performance, usability, or Google rankings, although it’s not exactly website design. Website content designed for casual voice searches will become a mainstream trend in 2022. Throughout the day, Siri, Google Home, and Alexa deliver answers to viewers, and the most popular answers come from trusted sources that match the question.

Answer the questions you know your visitors frequently ask on your site the same way they ask them. The ideal places to answer questions are blog posts and FAQs. It’s an easy way to improve your search ranking while helping your visitors.

Since voice assistants have become so famous these days, consider using them with regular text searches on your hotel website for both efficiency and guest experience. It will also be accessible to people with reduced mobility. After 2022, voice interfaces for web pages will become a reality in the near future.

  • Online hotel reservation with management and information

Your hotel should also provide an online hotel reservation management system on your hotel website, to release the meditator as OTA. Every time a visitor comes to your website, you have to convince them to pre-book with you, which you can do by providing a simple online booking engine.

It is indeed another thing to drive traffic to websites using SEO and online marketing and another to encourage visitors to take action.

How can AxisRooms help you book directly on your hotel website?

Another major problem most hotels face is that visitors are only publicly visible when they have made an online reservation from the webpage. In other words, if they are only looking for an offer, many hotels do not have the technical expertise to know who these visitors are. Obviously, this requires specialized data collection capabilities on your hotel website to find out who these visitors are.

This is where we can help you. The booking engine option by AxisRooms will help you manage your reservations, easily configure taxes, allow only one login for all, offer multiple payment options, provide detailed reports and promotions and amazing offers, and much more.

AxisRooms has a fast and secure online booking engine for travelers to book with an excellent user interface that is easy to learn and use. Additionally, the booking engine is a cloud-based technology, which means you can access it anytime, anywhere.

The hospitality industry must adapt to the new post-Covid-19 normal, rise to the challenge, reinvent itself through technology and be a game changer. Request a demo today to convert every visitor into a qualified guest through our secure platform.

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