Video of Man Being Denied Hotel Booking Due to J&K ID Goes Viral, Police Respond


A video, showing a person being refused a hotel reservation because his identity card is from Jammu and Kashmir, has gone viral. In the video, a woman, who appears to be a receptionist, is seen refusing a reservation to a customer, claiming that the police asked her not to accept such identification. Delhi Police have now denied all of these allegations.

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The clip has gone viral at a time when allegations of the film, The Kashmir Files, spreading hatred against Kashmiri Muslims are rife.

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When the client asks the reason for a booking being declined, the woman calls someone higher up and then tells the client, “Police asked us not to accept Jammu and Kashmir IDs .”

Delhi police clarified on Wednesday that no such instructions had been issued by them. “An alleged video is going viral on social media in which a person is denied a hotel reservation because of their J&K ID. The reason for the cancellation is given under the direction of the police. It is stated that no no such directive has been given by Delhi Police,” he tweeted.

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“The aggrieved person in the video, while posting the same on YouTube, said that he stayed in the same area at another hotel and that was a lame excuse given by the hotel. Some netizens are trying to discredit the image of the Delhi Police by deliberately distorting circulating video which may result in criminal prosecution,” he said.

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