Virginia’s best expensive restaurant is a fancy hotel, says website


You went to a fancy restaurant and now you have a few hundred dollars in the hole. Here’s the thing: the food wasn’t great.

Eat this, not that has compiled a list of the top most expensive restaurants in each state to make sure Beef Wellington and Lobster Ravioli is truly worth every penny.

In Virginia, this restaurant is The Little Washington Inn, in Washington.

The inn is run by Executive Chef Patrick O’Connell, a self-taught cook from Washington DC known as “the pope of American cuisine”. He opened the venue in 1978 and has hosted celebrities, politicians and more, according to the website.

O’Connell in 2019, won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the James Beard Foundation and the National Humanities Medal from the President of the United States in the same year, his restaurant’s website says.

Eat This, Not That describes The Inn as a “fancy” hotel and restaurant that has been awarded three Michelin stars and Green Star sustainability. The products you will see on the menu are grown on the website’s own farm.

“Diners choose from a standard or vegetarian tasting menu for $265 per person, with the option to add the award-winning wine pairings for $208 per person,” says Eat This Not That.

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